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Bug Latex Background

  1. Oct 23, 2008 #1
    A minor bug: I'm using Google Chrome browser, I just posted a thread in Math: DE's and all the latex are showing up with white backgrounds, instead of clear.

    Not a serious issue, just letting you know it's there.
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    If I remember correctly, Greg said chroot was aware of it, and looking into it.
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    It's something chroot will do as time allows, I believe. His priority was to get it working after the server change.
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    Sounds good. I didn't see any threads on the subject already, so I figured I would put it up so you guys know about it.

    Thanks for the responses.
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    It's always best to bring up things you notice, just in case.
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    I wonder if the lack of transparency in the recent [tex]\LaTeX[/tex] posts
    has something to do with the "number of colors" in the .png files... and some setting related to that.
    It seems that [at least some of ] the old images (which did appear transparent) are 16-color images
    while the new images appear to be 16-million-color images.
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    I've made chroot aware of this thread.
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    i seem to remember something like this happening in the past (with some previous server). is there any recall for what was the cause and the cure back then?
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