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Latex (Beamer) error

  1. Feb 21, 2010 #1
    Hi everyone,

    I'm trying to use beamer for a maths presentation. So I downloaded a template, but I just couldn't get it compiled for some reason. There appears 1 warnings:

    1) Package pgf warning: This package is obsolete and no longer needed on input line 13.

    Everything seems to work fine, except that it couldn't produce a pdf output file.

    This is the template. Please check if it works on yours... Thanks a lot!


    \usetheme{Boadilla} % Beamer has many themes available, as described in the main text

    \title{An Unconvincing Presentation}
    \author{Iain, but mutilated by Jenny}
    \date{November 25, 2008} % This data is inserted by Beamer into places on the
    % slides dictated by the choice of theme

    \begin{frame} % exactly comparable to the 'slide' command in Seminar
    \titlepage % This is a standard LaTeX command, useful in many types of document

    \section{A Section} % Sectioning and subsectioning data, again, is displayed by
    % Beamer in places appropriate to the theme
    \subsection{A Subsection}
    \begin{frame}{A slide Title}

    Some things in a slide


    \subsection{Another Subsection}

    \begin{frame}{Another slide}

    Slide contents


    \section{A second section}
    \subsection{A further subsection}
    \begin{frame}{Yet another slide}

    Some information



    Do you have any, or can we go to the pub?

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    Works fine for me.
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