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LaTeX Latex Beginner using TeXWorks

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    i am a newbie to Latex. i have downloaded TeXWorks from the Internet. i copied and paste some text directly from the Internet to test it. Unfortunealy i cant see the 'results' when i saved it as a file. Which type of file should I save in order to see the 'results' . Can someone help please?

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    Do you mean it didn't create the pdf? If so you need to savew it ( a .tex file will do) and click the green button at the top. This should generate a pdf and automatically open it.
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    can i view the result without saving it first? how to view the result? i copied and paste some example from the internet as above but it didnt work! i tried to save it as .tex files and opened it again. But , the things same as in the pic appeared. I didn't see the results.
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