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Latex Bibliography

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    [SOLVED] Latex Bibliography

    Whenever I create a bibliography in latex using

    Code (Text):


    \bibitem{Reference 1}Details about Reference 1

    \bibitem{Reference 2}Details about Reference 2

    It puts the title `References' above it. Does anyone know how to make it omit the title?

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    72 views and nobody knows how to do it? I figured it was probably somthing simple.
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    Presumably the solution is to find a bibliography style file that does not write out "Reference".
    The only other option is to start redefining various parameters, but that is usually extremely messy so it is not something I would recommend.

    Latex is only simple as long as you follow the "templates" (sty-files etc), really customizing the appearance of your documents can be quite a daunting task.
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    You can just put \renewcommand{\bibname}{} into your preamble, although because that's just renaming the title to be nothing, you get quite a bit of white space above your references which I'm not sure how you could get rid of, although it is a crude way to achieve what you want.
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    Thanks, I'll play with that, and maybe some negative vertical space to fix it up.
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    It didn't work, it told me

    Error: ! LaTeX Error: \bibname undefined.
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    Oh are you writing an article as opposed to a report/book?
    Try \renewcommand{\refname}{}
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    Perfect, thanks. Using


    and then


    before the bibliography seems to be about perfect.

    Thanks so much.
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