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Latex code

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    am I having a problem with it? The quality of it is so bad I cannot read any of it. It looks like this.
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    Looks like
    [tex]g = \frac{2}{3} (\sin x) (\frac{7?}{4} + \frac{3}{58} \sin^{3?} x) + \frac{9?}{7} (x?) (\frac{3}{8} x) - \frac{5}{26?} (x?) (\frac{2}{8}?)[/tex]

    Probably it was exported as PNG and someone screwed up the transparency :(
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    all the ladex code looks like this for me =(
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    What browser are you using? If it's not up to date, then it's possible that the image format is not supported. Upgrading to the latest release of the browser should fix the issue.
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    As cristo said this is a browser issue. It occurs for IE6. We can't continue to support older browsers.
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