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LaTeX editor for Mac?

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    I just got a MacBook and I was wondering what are some of the good latex editors out there?
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    It may not suit all, but Archimedes is a great, lightweight editor that supports Markdown and LaTeX: http://www.mattrajca.com/archimedes [Broken]

    Great for casual drafts / homework assignments.
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    I agree with you, Hepth. It has internal pdf viewer and so it makes the screen compact, I think.
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    I use Kile on my macbook as well as my linux desktop. It's hard to beat Kile, IMHO.
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    If you use R then I suggest you going with R-Studio, there's a LaTeX editor integrated in it (R Sweave) as long as you have the (free) TeX libraries installed on your computer. I use that because I *always* use R when I write my LaTeX, and my macbook is getting quite old so having both in the same software makes it easier for my CPU.

    But if you don't use R, then I suggest you take a look at LyX. It is, by far, the most intuitive TeX editor I have ever used.
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