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LaTeX Editor

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    Hi everybody!
    I'm looking for a good [tex]\LaTeX[/tex] editor... I'm primarily looking for an application where text and styles are WYSIWYG, but mathematical expressions are written using latex. I tried LyX, but didn't really like the one... I'm currently using TeXnicCenter, which has a few to many bugs to use it to take notes on lectures...
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    I know there was a website I found a while ago that could do it right over the internet for you. Anyone?
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    No, Greg, he's not asking for a website that can generate equation graphics for him -- like www.equationsheet.com.

    He's looking for an EDITOR -- a graphical program that lets him build LaTeX graphics without having to know any codes.

    I didn't respond because I frankly don't know any that are worth a poop.

    - Warren
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