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    Hey there!
    What editor do you use to write ##LaTeX##?
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  3. Greg Bernhardt

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  4. I use LyX and TeXnicCenter.
    LyX is a word-processorish WYSIWYM editor while Texniccenter is a WYSIWYG IDE.
    (Both work with MikTeX and are open-source)
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  5. Texmaker is what I use.
  6. Vim is great (and free)
  7. adjacent

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    I have also started using LyX after Enigman suggested it.Thanks Enigman!
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  8. Rectifier

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    I downloaded LyX and tried to install it but windows smart screen displayed a warning message. Is this software safe? :)
  9. adjacent

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    Did you download it from their original website?
    I can confirm you that it's safe!
  10. DrDu

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    I wonder why you just don't read the "Best Latex editor?" thread pinned at the top of the forum first before posting?
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