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LaTeX error

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    hi i wrote the following code. i think it's fairly easy to understand what im trying to get it to print. but LaTeX really doesn't like it. any advice?


    U(\theta,t)=\beta \ln{t} + \gamma + \nu(\theta,t) t^{-\frac{1}{2}}+\kappa(\theta,t)
    where $\beta$ and $\gamma$ are constants, $\nu$ is a bounded solution of the wave equation $\nu''=\ddot{\nu}$ and the remainder, $\kappa$, obeys
    | \kappa(\theta,t) | &\leqslant C_7 t^{-\frac{3}{2}} \\
    | \partial_t \kappa(\theta,t)| &\leqslant C_8 t^{-\frac{3}{2}}
    A(\theta,t)= \begin{cases}
    \alpha + \beta^2 \ln{t} & \quad \text{ if $\nu(\theta,t)=0 \forall \theta,t$} \\
    \delta t + \epsilon(\theta,t) & \quad \text{ if $\nu(\theta,t) \neq 0$ for some $\theta$ and $t$}
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    My advice is "www.lyx.org"[/URL]. It is a multi-platform LaTeX front-end (also free) that is a WYSIWYM (mean) (opposed to the OOo and MS WYSIWYG (get) ). No more need for $mathstuff$ and no more front matter (you can still add new codes via the Preamble option in the Document menu). I've been using it since version 1.4.2 (now on version 1.6.4).

    What is great about it is you can see your work (math-type work I mean) as you are writing so there will be no compiling issues unless your single line of math-code is missing something necessary, like {,}, or something else of that nature.
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    Use the amsart document class along with the amssymb and latexsym packages.
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    What is the error LaTeX gives?
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    | \kappa(\theta,t) | &\leqslant C_7 t^{-\frac{3}{2}} \\
    | \partial_t \kappa(\theta,t)| &\leqslant C_8 t^{-\frac{3}{2}}

    these dont need to be in an equation or $$'s?
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