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  1. Hi all,

    I am planning to publish in APL (Applied Physics Letters). However, the RevTEX4 package that I downloaded from the web site is too complex and you cannot choose APL from the journals.

    Does any of you have a template file for APL journal?
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    Revtex4 is the standard submission style for several journals. In what sense is it too complex?
  4. Why not find a preprint on arXiv that was later published in Applied Physics Letters and use its source files as a template? For example, go to, download the source to that paper, and replace the text with your own.
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    Course, if you don't have revtex4 installed on your machine, then you won't be able to compile the file. If you do, then I don't see the need to steal the template, to be honest, since it's just a normal latex document..
  6. That's kinda what I figured, too, but onstandby seems to be a little gunshy. If nothing else, he can use the source to make sure he installed/installs revtex correctly.
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    APL is using a very old-fashioned way of editing.
    As far as I know there is no Latex template that can be used to format a document into something similar to what will be published. You can of course use Revtex but even then there is no way to e.g. accurately check the length of the paper (which is a real problem since APL papers are only 3 pages long) meaning they might send you a draft with a message attached saying it is too long.

    I co-authored a paper for APL earlier this summer and it was a real pain (it turned out to be much too long, mainly because whoever was doing the layout likes very big graphs);it is much easier to write papers for e.g. APS journals such as PRL.
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