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Bug Latex for long-division

  1. Oct 21, 2012 #1

    Can we display a long-division? I tried copying the code in this reference (post 6) and it's not working:


    Someone in the Homework forum was asking a question about long
    division and I think it's helpful if they see what it looks like.
    Can PF display this code? I did try copying it to here, add tex delimiters and also spaces every 30 or so characters as per a FAQ I think.
    But it did not work.

    \begin{array}{rc@{}c}&\multicolumn{2}{l}{\,\,\,\frac{1}{z}+ \frac{z}{3}+\frac{z^3}{15}-\dotsb}\vspace*{0.12cm}\\ \cline{2-3}\multicolumn{1}{r}{z^2-\frac{z^4}{3}+\frac{2z^6}{45}- \dotsb\hspace*{-4.8pt}}&\multicolumn{1}{l}{\hspace*{-5.6pt}\Big)\hspace*{4.6pt}z} \\ &\multicolumn{2}{l}{\,\,\, z-\frac{z^3}{3}+ \frac{2z^5}{45}-\dotsb}\\ \vspace{1mm} \cline{2-3}\vspace{1mm}&\multicolumn{2}{l}{\,\,\,\phantom{1{}-{}} \frac{z^3}{3}-\frac{2z^5}{45}+\dotsb}\\ &\multicolumn{2}{l}{\,\,\,\phantom{1{}-{}} \frac{z^3}{3}-\frac{z^5}{9}+ \frac{2z^7}{135}+\dotsb}\vspace*{0.12cm}\\ \vspace{1mm}\cline{2-3} \vspace{1mm}&\multicolumn{2}{l}{\,\,\,\phantom{z{}-{}\frac{z^3}{3}{}-{}}\frac{z^5}{15}- \dotsb}\end{array}

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    MathJax does not support \multicolumn
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