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LaTex for windows?

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    Hey I am wondering what software people use to type LaTex in windows. I am thinking of doing my homeworks on it just so it will be neat and easy to save and reference later on. but I am very new to it and dont know what software to use for windows. I did a google search and there is 10s of different companies with their own software out there all doing the same thing...

    any recommendations? user friendly is of course a big thing since I am new to this. and I would really like something that will display what I am typing live. so i think $x=26$ is a valid in LaTex so I want it to give me what I typed right after I put in the second $.

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    Hi as las3rock said...lyx is good..you can see the output while you type.
    But Miketex is really good..(here you cannot see what you type..) you need to compile to see that output..
    Both are free!
    But i can recommend you to use directly Miketex..then after just 2 months you will be used to it..
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    I would also like some recommendations about what LaTeX software to use, and/or some configuration tips for the software combo I'm trying now. I'm using Windows 7 (64-bit version). I installed ghostscript, gsview, MikTeX and LEd the other day. Is that OK, or are there better options? (There's no 64-bit version of the latest ghostscript, so I used the previous one). I couldn't get the preview feature to work, but maybe that's a configuration issue. (I just get a little blob or something where the text/math is supposed to be, but the ps file has been created correctly, as I can verify by opening the .ps file from Explorer).

    LEd also crashed as I was trying it out. I don't remember what I was doing at the time. If that keeps happening I'll have to find some other software.

    Edit: Forget about the preview problem. It's working fine now. I probably just needed to reboot after the installation.
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    I am not an expert on Latex, but I had good luck recently completing my thesis using http://miktex.org/ and http://www.texniccenter.org/ for the interface. I used jabref for my reference organization.
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    I use LEd and until now it hasn't given me any problems, and I quite like it. The only tip I could give you is to look at the APS's site fot their template.
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    I also use LEd. It crashed some times (not often), but its also still beta.
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