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LaTex formatting question

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    I have a simple question on formatting with LaTex. I use the MiKTeX 2.6 package and write the code in TeXnicCenter.

    What I want is for a paragraph to be on the bottom of the page. My teacher wants the abstract on the cover page. So I have my name and the experiment name on the top and then I want my abstract paragraph to be on the bottom with a bunch of space in between the title and abstract. I dont want the abstract to wrap to the second page.

    I have tried using footnote commands, but then it gets numbered and has funny formatting. There should be a way to do this without footnote.

    Thx for any help you have!

    (I hope I put this in the right forum...)
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    I use the same setup as you (MikTeX and TeXnicCenter)
    I use the amsstex packages. I am using the "article" class.

    Here is something that seems to work: just before the \begin{abstract} line I put


    If you change the 1 for another number you are inserting more vertical space.
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    Thx for the reply,

    I was hoping there was a more slick way to do it automatically instead of manually finding a number the proper vertical space. Otherwise, I will do that...

    What does \begin{abstract} do? I discovered that while goggling today, but it didnt seem to have an effect in my paper.

    Thx again
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    you may be able to use \vfill

    more stuff
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