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LaTeX formulas

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    Will the formulas typed in latex ever be able to be viewed on the PF app?

    It is primarily what I use and many equations are quite difficult to read when written in raw latex. (The fact that I don't know latex probably doesn't help.)

    Just wondering if any mentors or really anyone for that matter knew if that feature was coming to the app anytime soon?
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    Not sure. But the current version leverages Taptalk.

    For an Android phone:
    With PF app (or Taptalk app) open on a post containing equations, click on the Android menu, then "More" (touchscreen), then "WebView" (also touchscreen). At that point the post will open up in the browser. If your Android browser supports it (most do as far as I can tell), you can see the equations.

    Yeah, it would be nice if the MathJax/LaTeX came up natively in Taptalk. I'm just saying that it possible to see the LaTeX using this workaround.
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    Also, I have an iOS device if that changes anything.
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