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Latex Generation

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    I have used latex generated equations in several forums and realise that there is a cutoff as to the number of equations that can be rendered, although I don't know what the limit is, i.e. I have just reach a point where it just fails.:grumpy:

    Tonight, I was trying to submit 3-4 equations, which I have submitted before into Cosmology, but which now appear to fail when submitted into the Astrophysics forum. Hence the following questions:

    1) What is the limit?
    2) Is there any new problems/limits in force?
    3) Are there any differences between sub-forums?

    As a general comment, Latex rendering within PF really makes a big difference to the quality of the discussions, so it would be nice if some feedback info could be provided when the rendering fails. Just a thought


    P.S. Will try again in the morning
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    There is no limit, but if you create a post with a lot of latex and the server is swamped, sometimes the images come out broken.
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    George Jones

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    might be relevant.
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    Greg: thanks for the feedback and I accept the finite capacity of any server under load. Again, some status feedback on the nature of the Latex database failure might be useful here, if possible. However, my experience is that there does appear to be a practical limit to latex generation at almost at anytime, i.e. preview never works twice, when too many equations are submitted. I tried again today, (several times), with my original posting, but again it failed every time so had to delete most of the equations I wanted to submit. Originally, there were 6 equations, which I know were all OK, in syntax terms, but finally I only managed to submit 2. I guess I could have broken the post into sections, but this then becomes problematic as far as referencing equations in other posts etc.
    George: thanks for the reference thread in post #3. The quote above is one of yours extracted from this thread. I tend to check my latex syntax in another website to minimise the overhead on preview, but still like to use preview prior to posting. I have to say the method you suggest sounds a bit messy, especially as I would have thought this is exactly what preview is intended to prevent (?)

    However, to put my comments into perspective, this is the first time I have noticed the Latex process be so restrictive, which is the reason I raised it. Thanks
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    hmm I've seen posts that had what must have been 50 latex images. Not sure why you're having problems. Try PMing Chroot, he'd have more information as he created it.
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