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Couldn't think of a better place to post this. I'm writing a document in latex that has several very large equations in it. I can split them up so that they take up two or three lines using the \begin{split} command or \begin{align} command, but If I need to split a line that is contained within a braket, the closing braket does not show in the resulting .ps file, and I get all sorts of errors when I try run 'latex file.tex' saying that I'm missing the \right] braket. So how do I split equations with the opening braket on one line, and the closing braket on another?


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I've gotten around this problem in the past by inserting a "\right." at the end of the first line and a "\left." at the beginning of the second line. I believe these commands serve as dummy delimiters.
Thank you, that has sorted it out. :smile:

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