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LaTeX Help!

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    Hello PF,
    I am writing my Thesis Report with Latex. Facing a couple of problems.

    1. I want to create my report in verdana font. However, the warning states

    LaTeX Font Warning: Font Shape 'T1/verdana/m/n' undefined
    (Font) using 'T1/cmr/m/n' instead

    2. After trying various procedures on Nomenclature, finally had to create the Nomenclature in Tabular option. The heading of nomenclature has been written using \chapter command. This is same for Abbreviations. Now, I don't need these two chapters to be listed under Table of Contents

    Please give me some suggestions

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    You are trying to use some combination of font styles (like bold + italic) that doesn't exist in the Verdana font, so LaTeX substituted the default Computer Modern Roman (cmr) font instead.

    If you look in the .log file, you will probably see numbers like like [1] [2] [3] which are printed at the end of producing each page of the document. So you can find out which page contains the substituted characters, and then decide what to do about it.

    Try changing \chapter to \chapter* .
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    Thnx for the reply.

    But could you please say me where can I find the log file (completely new to latex)

    Also, how can I change the font of the text in a particular paragraph?

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    If I may give a tiny tip: don't worry about fonts and layoutsy stuff right now. Of course, you should divide the LaTeX file into chapters and sections, and make sure all of it works, but choosing a font you like is something you can do when you're finishing writing your thesis. It's just not important in the beginning (because the default layout tends to work just fine), and tends to distract you from actually being productive. Your experience may vary. :wink:
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    When you run a file like xyz.tex through LaTeX, it should create the log file xyz.log in the same directory.

    For working with fonts in LaTex, see http://tug.org/pracjourn/2006-1/schmidt/schmidt.pdf.

    Presumably you selected the Verdana font with a command similar to \usepackage(verdana). That package should define compatible-looking sans-serif and "typewriter" fonts, and set up the commands \rmfamily etc described in the PDF so they work.

    This is a completely different "font culture" to the way WYSIWYG software works. Not necessarily better or worse - just completely different!
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