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Latex in blogs

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    I just wrote my first blog entry (just a short test) but it seems that Latex does not work. I simply get a message it is generating but no result is ever given.

    Is Latex not supported in blog entries? :cry:


    Oh, never mind I just saw that there is already a topic open on this issue. Feel free to delete this topic.
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    Hmm...since we get this question often, and people usually spend a lot of time attempting to compose an entry using latex before finding out they can't do it and reading the feedback threads on it, maybe there's a way to post a note at the top of the blog page warning that latex won't function in the blogs? I don't know if that's possible or not, but if it is, it would save a lot of people the trouble of trying to use it.
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    My extension now has an upload to imageshack function. A bit more minor crap & i'll release it. You can post images on blogs, right?
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