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LaTeX in Mathematica Slideshow

  1. Jun 28, 2012 #1
    I am trying to put together some short slideshows in Mathematica for educational purposes. I'm using Mathematica in Slideshow mode so that it will be a nice looking presentation that also has embedded graphs etc. I thought this would be easy since Mathematica exports LaTeX and imports full LaTeX files. It doesn't seem to allow me to type LaTeX directly in.

    Mathematica does have a function "TraditionalForm[]" but this is terrible. There seem to be little or no formatting options and it chooses odd things like displaying "[itex]x[/itex]" in a different font when there is a [itex]\Delta[/itex] before it. It is also significantly harder to input a formula into this function than it is to type LaTeX.

    I hope that I am just tired and missing something obvious, but multiple searches have not helped me.
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