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LaTeX in Open Office

  1. Nov 21, 2008 #1
    OOoLatex Extension for Open Office

    The extension can be installed in Open Office by way of Tools -> Extension Manager -> Add. You will also need the following dependencies to carry out the behind the scenes LaTeX makery.


    It is probably best to install all the programs to one directory and set up the paths in the extension as follows


    Once installed and configured there will be a new toolbar in the top left of the Open Office window. Press equation and input your LaTeX - there are a few options you can play about with if desired - when you're done hit Latex and some magic stuff will happen



    Don't worry: it will look nice and smooth when exported to pdf.
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    But, why? It's a lot easier, and looks a lot better, if you just write and compile a latex document?!
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    This was something I found helpful and thought others might want to know. I'm new to the whole LaTeX thing so I apologise if the topic is redundant.
  5. Dec 6, 2008 #4
    I tried it but got an error that said BASIC runtime errroe. Any suggestion?

    I had a problem configuring ghostscript
  6. Jan 23, 2009 #5
    I am getting the same problem too.

    "Basic runtime error. File not found"

    The code "Shell(sShellCommand, 4, sShellArg, true)" is highlighted.

    Any solution to this problem? I already have configured the 3 programs mentioned above.
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    It's a nice extension --- occasionally have to work with OO (or those other office suite) documents and now at least the equations look decent. No redundancy there. A typical case when have to collaborate with uninformed people :wink: .
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