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Latex Index Creation

  1. Dec 2, 2003 #1
    Hi Guys,

    I am currently writing two rather large articles with latex. I've added an index to each file, and am currently looking through each article and adding relevant references to bits and pieces so they'll show up in the index. That bit is easy, you just use the \index{The Text You Want to Appear in the Index} after the word you want to index. However many index entries have sub-entries, such as:


    How do you go about setting that up in latex? At the moment I have resorted to indexing like topics like so:

    \index{Function, Linear}
    \index{Function, Trigonometric}

    Any help would be appreciated, as I'm still learning.
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    Use exclamation points between main entries and subentries:

    http://www.image.ufl.edu/help/latex/latex_indexes.shtml [Broken]
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    Thanx for that, helped heaps. However I have still found no detailed info anywhere on the net. Once I get some cash I'll grab a copy of the "Latex COmpanion", but until then, I'm stumped on a few other things.

    For instance, how do you get the index to print the letter, eg:




    Also this is bugging me majorly. I can correctly refernce equations when using the article document class, but I can't using the book document class. Well, more specifically I can't reference the equations I have in the appendix. I have one appendix, which is a chapter. And at present one section in the appendix. So that subsection is numbered A.1[\B]. I have a few equations in that section, labelled A.1.n[\B], where n is a given number. Now I have set up a newcommand in the preample that I use to correctly reference equations in an article (where I have sections and sub-sections, instead of chapters and sections):


    where #1 is the key of the equation.

    The above command would output A.n.m[\B] for an equation in the appendix of an article. The code below is what I am using in a book:


    Which outputs A.1.A.n[\B], which isn't what I want at all! How do I change the above code so that it outputs A.n.m[\B]?
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