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Latex issues

  1. Jun 14, 2010 #1
    Perhaps someone can explain to me what is going on.

    I seem to be having extreme difficulty with posts involving LATex code.

    I am not LaTex expert, but this is ridiculous.

    There appears to be no resemblance between the Latex code that I enter and what appears when I attempt to preview the post.

    For instance, I prepare code to produce an integral, and that code is right before my eyes in the composition pane. Then I click "preview" and what I see is some algebraic sum from a thread that I particpated in yesterday.

    Or I make a mistake and change the code, and when I click "preview" the old, incorrect graphics, appears.

    To make matters worse, if I give up and just hit "enter", what appears in the thread is neither what I saw in the preview nor what is reflected by the Tex code.

    I there some sort of memory or cookie that I need to clear? Logging out (including shutting down my computer) and coming back does not seem to correct the problem. It is rather like the machine is haunted. I am becoming fond of pencil and paper.
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    Click here for the answer.

    Any admins reading this: this question pops up quite regularly. Can't we have the answer prominently displayed somewhere, so people don't have to keep asking?
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    Putting the notice in the LaTex primer might be a good idea. That is where I first looked to see if there was something obvious that I was missing.
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