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Latex lemma and labels

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    Just say you are inside a lemma, which Latex automatically labels as Lemma 1. You'd like another lemma inside this one, call Lemma 1.1, what command do you type?

    How do you make it so that when a new paragraph starts, no indenting appears?
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    You could probably do something by defining a command "sublemma", setting up a counter, etc. But why on earth would you want to have a lemma inside a lemma? Instead of trying to make this in LaTeX, I'd strongly recommend revising the structure of your document. I don't know what you are writing, but you could for example call the sublemma a Lemma and then call the original lemma a proposition, theorem or corollary.

    As for the second one, you can cancel the indentation of a particular paragraph by putting \noindent at the start. If you don't want any indentation at all, you can just set the parskip to zero:
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