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Latex Multi-Line with a sqrt

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    I have a long equation with square roots that need to be continued on the next line. Can you tell me how to split it up but continue the square root on the next line:

    betaone=\dfrac{-2a(betaminusbeta)}{\alpha}-\frac{8a(betaminusbeta)^2}{3\alpha^2} \sqrt[3]{\tfrac{1}{2}\left[\frac{27\alpha^3}{32(betaminusbeta)^2} \left( \frac{1}{betaminusbeta} - \frac{1}{a}ccc \right) \right] + \sqrt{\left(\frac{9\alpha^2}{16(betaminusbeta)^2} \right)^2 -4\left(\frac{9\alpha^2}{3}^2-3ac \right)^3} }

    ccc and betaminusbeta are expressions that I've specified up in the header, I took them out so it'd be easier for you guys to comment on this part.
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    Try using an intermediary symbol for the radicand and placing it on a separate line.

    [tex] a = \sqrt[3]{R}[/tex]
    [tex] R = \cdots[/tex]
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    D H

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    Readers are *not* going to get what you are trying to say with a "continued square root".

    So, what to do instead?
    1. Create some parameters that capture the bulk of the mess. Make you sqrts simple.
    2. If you absolutely must, use (big mess)1/2 instead of sqrt{big mess}.
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