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LaTeX Numbering Problems

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    Hi. I'm writing a project and am using a template latex document with the idea being that i don't have to worry about the preamble etc and also so that includes important stuff automatically like university and degree name etc.

    anyway, in my preamble i have:


    and i have been using the definition environment of this and it's working fine except for the numbering. for example in section 1.1 of my document i have definition 1, definition 2 and definition 3. then i go to section 1.2 and get definition 4. this is going to be a long project so by the time i finish i'll be getting things like definition 80!

    i think it would look more professional (tell me if you disagree though!) if i could get the definitions in section 1.1 to be definition 1.1.1, definition 1.1.2 and deifnition 1.1.3 and then in section 1.2 have definition 1.2.1

    does anybody know how to do this?

    all help appreciated
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    Try this: \numberwithin{equation}{section} in your preamble. Not sure whether that will work for theorems, though...
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    hey. thanks for the reply. it works for tidying up the numbering of my equations but the definitions are still unchanged. any other recommendations?

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