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Latex Preview failing

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    I think there's a problem with latex when previewing a post; it comes out all garbled.
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    This is a known bug which has been around for a few months. The solution, for now, is to use your browser's refresh or reload command after you've pressed the preview button.

    Perhaps we could have some sticky or FAQ somewhere prominent to explain this?
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    That would help.
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    Hi. Could someone tell me how to "refresh" my browser this way please. I don't see a "refresh" menu item. I use Firefox ver. 3.6.3.


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    Use the button that looks like a circular arrow...or choose "reload" on the "view" menu...or just hit Ctrl+R.
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    Oh man . . . that's nice! :) I'm not one to complain so I haven't said anything as that has been a real problem for me for the past 100 posts. That's an acceptable temporary fix in my opinion.


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