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LaTex Problem

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    I hope you can help me with this problem. A few days ago, I began a post with a LaTex equation in it, but never completed the post (I got the answer I needed). I'm trying a new post today, and no matter how or what I enter as LaTex, when I preview the post I see the equation I tried to use a few days ago, even though I"m making a completely new post (although it IS to the same forum). Can you help? Thanks.
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    There have been problems for quite some time with the latex preview. I would just ignore the preview, make your post, and then edit the latex if it needs correcting.
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    Not to nag, but are peoples working on this? Or is it a lost cause? I know that we can 'submit' then edit, but sometimes (like last night) I will spend a good hour or two just writing a new topic. Over the course of 2.5 hrs last night, I had 37 views before I was even done posing the question. So the preview would have really helped.

    Just a thought. :smile:
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    No, not to my knowledge.
    FYI, "people" in this case is just one person. If not for member chroot's efforts we would not have LaTeX at all.
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