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Latex program

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    I am wondering how I can use the latex program on my forum. My forum is an InvisonFree forum (http://invisionfree.com/) [Broken]. Since its not very advanced, I can't really installed mods just IPB and vB forums have. I was thinking about making a javascript program and stuff, but how do I get these weird symbols to be in HTML?
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    Someone please help
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    So what are your options? Incuding the paying options. If you show us all the options, maybe we can use google to try to find you a free and legal option.
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    Free, I don't have any money to pay. Also, the forum I am trying to install the Latex or soemthing simlar to it is a FREE forum. They don't give you acess to sever, like you can't install mods and stuff. You have to use javascript/html if you want to mod anything....
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    Do you really need LaTeX on the forum? I mean you called it "weird symbols". No offense or anything. Just consider the necessity of having it on your forum.

    Check out:
    http://mcelrath.org/Notes/LatexWiki [Broken]

    it takes some relatively serious work to implement LaTeX in a forum.
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