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Latex question?

  1. Dec 5, 2006 #1
    The Latex previewer on the Latex thread? It doesn't appear to work properly, I'll admit that I don't know much at all about latex but even when I cut and paste text from say the pdf or the forum directly into the box it comes up with a load of compuspeak and no image? Is there a reason for this so far I've tried [tex]x^2\sqrt{x}[\tex] and I get no joy, and a few even simpler equations but nothing but error script?

    Btw I cut and pasted that from the pdf tutorial to make sure I had the format right? Am I beind stupid, is my formatting wrong, or can you not copy and paste latex code from the forum to the test program?

    Ahhh, I tried adding $ signs instead of using the [tex][\tex] tags and it appeared to work; any reason why the tex tags don't work? As in the instructions it says to place tex tags before maths?

    I've just noticed the math mode as well, maybe I should have played around first. I guess everyone just knows that you don't need to use the format [tex] tags unless your a chump :smile: but anyway live and learn...
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    I'm no pro at it but when you write:
    Doesn't the slash need to be forward ( / ) not backwards ( \ )as yours seem to be in the closing tag?
    While I'm at it does anyone know the Latex to make a "NOT =" sign?
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    [tex] \neq [/tex] \neq
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    test on variations of not ; [tex] \neq [/tex] \neq

    [tex] \geq [/tex] \geq
    [tex] \ngeq [/tex] \geq

    [tex] \leq [/tex] \leq
    [tex] \nleq [/tex] \nleq

    [tex]\simeq[/tex] \simeq
    ........ \nsimeq ..... is not valid
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    [tex] \not\eq [/tex] \not\eq

    [tex] \not\geq [/tex] \not\geq

    [tex] \not\leq [/tex] \not\leq

    [tex]\not\simeq[/tex] \not\simeq

    [tex]\not 5[/tex] \not 5
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    It doesn't like tex tags forward slashed or backwards although point noted.(in the tutorial it's actually that way which is where I copied it from)

    It also doesn't use \frac instead it uses the format 1 \over 2.
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  9. Dec 7, 2006 #8
    Yeah that's the one, I didn't realise it had been highlighted already, the idea was to let people know there are a few issues with that previewer so job done. Thanks people for the advice.
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