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  1. I have something like

    A \rightarrow B \rightarrow C

    I'd like to put function name's about the \rightarrow's, to replace the notation

    \phi : A \rightarrow B, \psi : B \rightarrow C.

    Is this possible? Thanks!
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    You can use \stackrel{}{}.

    A \stackrel{\phi}{\rightarrow} B \stackrel{\psi}{\rightarrow} C


    [tex]A \stackrel{\phi}{\rightarrow} B \stackrel{\psi}{\rightarrow} C[/tex]
  4. I think you can also use \overset{}{}

    [tex] A \overset{\phi}{\rightarrow} B \overset{\psi}{\rightarrow} C[/tex]

    Not sure what the difference is.
  5. Excellent. Thank you!
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