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LaTeX & Slideshows

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    I'm mystified - what is the 'correct' proceedure for getting nice, LaTeX-typset equations into a slideshow (in this case, OpenOffice Impress)? This is what I've been doing:

    TeX --> DVI --> PS --> GIMP --> copy & paste --> ooffice (as bmp)

    It looks great, but I'm sure there's a way to save the effort?
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    You can use dvipng or dvigif to convert it directly to a image. Of course I'm on a linux machine, so I don't know if you have these.

    The other option is to use the built-in math typesetting stuff in Openoffice.

    Personally, I don't even bother with OO Impress. I just go from latex->pdf and that's my presentation. I use Texmacs as the frontend.

    [edit] Here is dvipng for all platforms:

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    dvipng -D 1000 -T tight filename.tex

    Problems solved!

    The built-in equation editor isn't flexible enough - hence LaTeX. Just making a PDF presentation is a very good idea, though not for this particular talk.
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