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LaTeX Subequation

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    I am trying to get subequations numbered nonsequentially. I have
    Code (Text):
    which gives me

    Code (Text):
    (1a) ...
    (1b) ...
    Instead, I want (1c) instead of (1b). I have no clue whether this is trivial or requires me to use a different subequation method all together, I don't know. Any suggestions are acceptable, provided I am able to use it interchangeably with non-subequations, such as (1a),(1c),(2),(3),(4e),(4g),...
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    It's not quite clear exactly what you want and why you want it - but you can probably do what you want by either making the occasional change to a counter or by defining a new environment and counter that counts the way you want.

    To increment a counter, you use \addtocounter{\thecounter}{value}
    To set a counter you use \setcounter{\thecounter}{value}

    The counter for equations is \theequation and the counter for subequation is \thesubequation.

    http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/LaTeX/Advanced_Topics [Broken]
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