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Latex Templates

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    There is (somewhere) a list of equations, formulas, etc. and the corresponding Latex to create them. Allowing one to cut & paste the Latex into posts or replies. Do you know where that list is now? I cant find it. In fact, I don't see the "Search" button anymore... Did we lose the Search? Thanks!
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    I see the search button.

    We have a quick TeX reference (Info -> Help/How-To), and there are various websites with many more examples.
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    Which browser are you using? At least one (very old) browser no longer displays the "Search" button or the "info" button that leads to the TeX reference.
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    Thanks, mfb!

    To Nugatory: D'Oh.... I see the search button now. Maybe I had the screen zoomed in too much earlier. Nearsightedness... Thanks for your help!
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