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Latex Viewer?

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    Does anyone know of any free latex viewer software that can be download.

    I was actually thinking about writing something in VB just for my own personal use. But if it's already been done why reinvent the wheel?

    Also who owns Latex? I mean, if I wrote a Latex viewer program in VB could I sell it? Or would it be under some kind of legal restriction because it specifically recognizes Latex code?

    Anybody know?
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    I usually use YAP (Yet Another Previewer) that comes with the MikTex distribution.
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    What do you mean by a LaTeX 'viewer?' From the gist of the thread I feel that you are referring to a LaTeX IDE to write LaTeX documents, this wouldn't be too hard to accomplish (hell you can write LaTeX source in Notepad). If you're referring to a viewer such as Yap that reads a rendered DVI or PS file, then that's going to be much more difficult to write. I suggest Yap as a viewer, and TeXniCenter for an IDE.

    There is a propiertary LaTeX IDE called 'Winedit.' It is shareware, therefore, it would not be illegal to produce and sale one yourself. I'm rather sure LaTeX is GPL'd, meaning it has a very open license. Anyone, feel free to correct me here.
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