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LaTeX - where to find?

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    [SOLVED] LaTeX - where to find?

    LaTeX is utility for text prepearing; most of the journals require copy of manuscript in LaTeX.
    where do i find it?
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    Hi dock..

    There is a verion of LaTeX for windows called MiKTeX that you can get here: http://www.miktex.org/

    LaTeX <http://www.latex-project.org/>(from my experience) is primarily for use on UNIX/Linux boxes. That appears to be the native environment for it. I run linux and have never used LaTeX on windows or a mac so I'm not sure. There is a front-end for it called LyX on linux if you happen to be using that which would make the formatting a lot easier. Good luck!

    p.s. There is also a mac version here: http://www.esm.psu.edu/mac-tex/ [Broken]
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