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LaTeX won't show up?

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    LaTeX won't show up??

    I don't know if anybody here has the same problem with me. But for somehow, some of the last LaTeX stuff does not show up in some pages that contains a lot of LaTeX. Here is one page:
    So what's happened? I am using Firefox, and I also tried it in IE, and still they don't show up. :confused:
    Viet Dao,
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    They showed up fine for me on both Firefox and IE.

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    Maybe they're just taking a long time to load??
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    Yesterday, posts 9-11 displayed rather funky for me, but that was when PF was having database problems, so I checked again, and today, it's just 11 that has jumbled LaTex (the characters are displaying off to the right of the text box...beyond the boundaries they're supposed to be in...and are all on top of each other). Also, they aren't showing up in the quotes in post 13...that just shows a lot of broken link icons instead of the quoted LaTex. Not sure if that's the same problem VietDao is seeing.
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