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Bug LaTeX WYSIWYG editor bug?

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    I'm not sure if this is a bug, or I am just an idiot and using this thing wrong, but when you click something in the LaTeX drop-down thing that appears to the right, for instance, a greek letter or something, the thing automatically inputs it where the cursor is, but includes a free set of itex tags with it!

    I'm not particularly adept with LaTeX, to begin with, but I know how to write every type of symbol I could need for my particular math level. However, when I need some uncommon greek letter or something, I go to the drop-down, and click the thing I need, and BAM. It plops down what I was looking for with surrounding TEX tags right in the middle of my equation that already has TEX tags.

    Am I an idiot, this this my browser doing this, or is this unintended?
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    If I understand the situation correctly it adds itex tags each time you are not inside an inline LaTeX surrounded by the itex tags. At least that's what I see happening here (Opera/XP).
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    Even if my cursor is within a set of itex tags where I want to place some symbol, the editor adds itex tags within the itex tags I already have.
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    May I ask you what browser you are using?? I don't experience your problem with firefox.
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    Firefox 10.0.2
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