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LaTeX your work

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    Do you guys LaTeX your math/science notes and homework, so that its neat and you have a record of it?
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    Personally, I don't. Completing homework takes long enough, without having to type it up as well!
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    Interesting idea, though I agree with cristo. I dont know if it would be worth the effort but I do know some people recopy their notes again.
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    When I do take notes (in my analysis class), I do so on my laptop with a program called TeXmacs, which allows one to type stuff in TeX quite easily.
    Furthermore, I type up my assignments for classes which allow me to do so.
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    I always Latex things, as my handwriting is completely incomprehensible, even to myself.
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    Yeah, I think LaTexing your work forces you to learn the material really well.
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