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Lattice Boltzmann

  1. May 14, 2009 #1
    I want to use Lattice Boltzmann methods for a game-like simulation, and I need a good introduction. I am weak on the physics side, so any introduction that starts tossing around physics variables and equations without defining them is going to lose me. Any ideas for a good source?

    Some specific questions I have at this point:
    Could someone explain the "local equilibrium distribution function"? What are the equilibrium conditions, and what does the function depend on?

    The lattice boltzmann equation I'm working with is
    fi(x + vi,t + 1) − f(x,t) + Fi = Ω
    Ω = (fi0 - fi)/t
    In the definition of Ω what are the parameters of fi and fi0?
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