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Homework Help: Launch Angle Q's with no Angle

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    A golfer gives a ball a maximum initial speed of 28.5 m/s. (Neglect air resistance.)
    (a) What is the longest possible hole in one for this golfer? Neglect any distance the ball might roll on the green, and assume that the tee and the green are at the same level.
    (b) What is the minimum speed of the ball during the hole-in-one shot?

    How do you do this with out a angle? (or for that matter any other information)
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    (a) You need to find precisely the angle for the maximum range.

    These equations might be a good help:

    [tex]R = v_0\cos\theta t[/tex]

    [tex]\frac{t}{2} = \frac{v_0\sin \theta}{g}[/tex]

    Do you understand how did I find them?
    R = range
    v0 = initial velocity
    t/2 = time that the ball takes to reach the maximum height

    Last hint: [itex]2\sin\theta\cos\theta = \sin2\theta[/itex]
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