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Launched projectile

  1. Nov 17, 2004 #1
    an object is launched from the ground with an initial velocity (vo) at an angle (theta) with the ground. disregard air resistance

    a. what is the initial horizontal velocity of the object? the initial vertical velocity?

    b. what is the horizontal distance the object moves in time t? the vertical distance in time t?

    c. write an equation for the path of the object.

    d. find the equation which predicts the range equation
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    What have you done on these. They look like simple applications of trigonometry and formula you have been given.
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    i remember doing these probs :smile: ........ u need to resolve Vo into vertical and horizontal components for part a. (....but i'm not tellin :rolleyes: ).......

    b. is x=vt -----> x=(horizontal component u get from part a)(t) and the same with vert. comp.

    c and d.think about what its motion looks like.
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