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Launching a UAV

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    Launching a UAV....

    Hey guys....

    Can someone help me to come up with some ideas on how to launch a UAV...

    Is air pressure launching a better idea than bungee launch?

    The aircraft weighs around 15 pounds. Is there a better idea?

    If its pressure launched...woudnt it be air thats used as the gas??

    I m totally at sea....
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    How fast does the UAV need to be going to fly and how much thrust does it have?
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    The drawback to compressed air is that you need something to do the compression. That means either man power to operate a hand pump of somekind and low pressures, or a compressor that can do high pressures.

    Depending on how many times you would launch it, you could look into compressed air bottles from an industrial gas supplier. Honeslty the bungee/slingshot is the easiest in terms of set up and lowest complexity.
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    We are looking at a launch speed of around 35 knotts(65km/hr) at about 9g...

    And isnt pumpin air an easier job than tyin a bungee some 90 meters away??

    i m confused....atleast can u guys provide me some links that'd help me?

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    Is this going to be a glider or does it have some sort of on board power supply
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