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News Laura Bush murderer?

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    I came across this site, I'm not really sure whether to believe the claim or not, but found it interesting nonetheless:

    Here is a link http://www.talkaboutpeople.com/group/alt.fan.don-imus/messages/106569.html

    Does anyone know if this holds any water?
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    I think if I want to kill someone, I am not going to impale my car into his. That would seem to be a good way to kill myself at the same time.

    Now, if I wanted to drown someone, and I had a car...
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    Yes she did run a stop sign, but I have never heard it was her boyfriend? The rest of the article is lies about conspiracy, etc.
    I do find it odd that no charges were ever filed.
    Sure she was young, but SHE ran the stop sign. However, the lawyer quote at the end of the USAtoday article, no matter how little backing, is still more valid than my own views on what the law is.
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    Just more election year drivel. The supersoakers are pumped up to max pressure this time around, but not much else changes. From melting down Perot in '92, to the stories of McCain's wife's painkiller addiction and their adopted daughter during the 2000 South Carolina primaries, to the stories McCain at least temporarily refrained from leaking about Bush, to the Swift Boat Vets .......


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