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Law of induction

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    can someone pls help me on a physics question??.....i've read my text 2 times and still can't figure this out!!!!.....how do you determine the magnetic flux through a loop due to a current "I"??.......it's a loop under a wire carring a current....then calculate the induced emf when the current is changing with time according to I=a+bt, a and b are constants...b=10.0A/s h=1cm, w=10cm, l=100cm.....then determine the direction of the current in the loop (rectangle).....if anyone can help me with this, it would be greatly appreciated:).....thanks in advance for your help....
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    Find the magnetic field generated by the current (there's probably a formula in your book for the magnetic field do to an infinite straight line of current). Integrate that over the area of the loop. Is the loop a rectangle? That would simplify the integration tremendously.
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