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Law of mass attraction

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    anyone wanna check my work, i would greatly appriciate it:

    the quest. asks you to find law of mass attraction to calculate force of gravational of jupiter towards sun:
    used formula:

    F = GMm/R2 = (6.67e-11)(1.99e30)(1.90e27)/(7.78e6)2
    FJupiter = 4.17e33 Newtons ??

    Then it asks centripetal force towards sun using law of dynamics??
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    Gravity attraction force IS a centripetal force.

    You may wanna check the distance (in "m") (actually the average between the major & the minor semiaxis) between the 2 celestial bodies.

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    this may suggest having to use [itex]a_{n} = \frac{v^2}{r}[/itex] to get acceleration, but you would need the velocity and the mass (to get the force from [itex]F = ma[/itex])
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