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Law vs. Theory, etc.

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    Hm, I saw this in the other topic about the Big Bang, and I decided to bring it over here for further discussion.

    What IS the difference between theory, law, and what are the other definitions given?

    I always thought a law was something that was proven many times and a theory was something that was not disproven, but that there are several contradicting theories which cant make each one true.
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    A scientific Law is a readily demonstrable fact, that cannot be disproven.

    A scientific theory is a hypothesis that has been rigorously tested, and not found faulty, usually also having been found somewhat useful.

    A scientific hypothesis (and I stress the difference between "hypothesis" and "theory") is an educated guess; it is nothing more than a speculation that can be tested.

    Did you have any other specific terms in mind, that need defining?

    P.S. my definitions (above) are applications of the different levels of the Scientific Method.
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    Are there any other methods?
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