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Laws and loopholes

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    is it possible to find a loophole around a law. like, technically this shouldn't happen, but its not breaking the law at the same time.

    like the law of gravity. i dont know how you would find a loophole for gravity, but lets say they somehow create a ball of matter/antimatter that does not follow normal laws of physics and instead of gravity has antigravity. would something like that be a loophole. i'm not asking specifically about gravity, i mean all laws in general, like thermodynamics, newtons', etc...
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    Loopholes appear in laws made by imperfect humans not neccessarily laws in nature. So my opinion is that no loopholes can be found in the laws of nature because if something that seems like a loophole is found in a law of nature, its not actually a loophole just a part of the law that we never knew before. Like if a partical that has antigravity is found, thats not a loophole. It just means antigravity was part of the laws of gravity from the very beginning And only humans would exploit loopholes. The rest of the natural world could care less about a loophole in the natural laws :)
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    do you think it is possible to... nevermind.

    well put explanation, G. laws are imperfect because we are imperfect, so even if it cant be done nature holds infinite possiblities right?
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    A loophole is really a legal term.

    There is no such thing as a loophole in natural laws. For example, people thought aircraft couldn't go beyond the speed of sound. Well once we did surpass it, it was obvious that it wasn't a "loophole", we simply didnt understand aerodynamics as much as we could. So really, they aren't loopholes, they are simply not understood.
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