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Laws for goods delivery around the world?

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    So, I'm posting this question here because I can't think of a better place, and also here there are people from all over the globe.

    The thing is, I'm doing some research on Delivery of Goods and Laws related in Brazil. But, to have some base, I want to make some comparisons with laws around the world (not for every country, of course, but some). Ok, but what I want exactly?

    My work is related to the Time Windows of a Delivery. That is, if I make an agreement with a company to get the delivery done between 3:00 PM and 5:00 PM on day X, they should deliver it between this hours and on day X.
    In my city here in Brazil, a law is being voted so that to say companies can have a maximum time of 2 hours to deliver a good, from the time agreed with the client. Otherwise, the company has to pay a certain fine to the client whose delivery was delayed.

    I want to know, are there any laws covering such situations in your country? Anything regarding time windows for delivery.

    All I could find was laws about a maximum time of 30 days to deliver in Europe, but I need something on the hours scale, not days.

    Thanks in advance,
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    As far as I am aware there are no laws at all governing delivery times in the United States. The post office has an overnight service and a 2-day service (and I think all the large commercial carriers have these as well) but there is no law saying that they have to meet those "guarantees" and there is certainly nothing about delivering at any particular time (although most/all deliveries are done during "normal working hours", not in the middle of the night).
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