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Homework Help: Laws of Exponents

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    Hi, i am having a little trouble with a couple of math questions, i thought i was doing them right but cannot get the answer. Ok the questions are:

    (p^2q+ pq^3)^3 / p^3q^4

    Now I do not know what to do, the answer i was told is suppose to be:

    (p+q^2)^3 / q

    I just dont know how to get that, if someone could walk me through this one question it would be appreciated.
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    you start with:

    [tex]\frac{(p^2q+pq^3)^3}{p^3q^4} [/tex]

    Factor out pq in the numerator:


    same as:



    apply division rule for exponents:

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    Oh my god, thank you, i completly understand know. I had sort of done what you had but instead did not factor and so it just kept getting more complicated and confusing me. Thank you so much.
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    What did you do? expand it?, if you had you will get the same just with the numerador expanded, but it will be more work.
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