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Laws of Morality

  1. May 10, 2005 #1
    Hello everyone!!

    I have few questions.
    1. What is exactly the definition of morality?
    2. Why do we need some moral laws for the society?
    3. If we do need laws of morality, then who should define such laws? A gov.??

    I hope to get some answers about this issue.

    peace out :smile:
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    What moral codes should say moral codes should say

    "A doctrine or system of ideas concerned with conduct." --M-W Unabridged 3.0, sense 3 a.

    So we know how to conduct ourselves. Raymond Cattell might say, "So we know how to conduct ourselves in order to compete well against other societies and ultimately to pass nature's tests."

    That depends upon what ever higher moral codes say. Cattell implied that it is derivable from the scientific observation that has been done so far that ultimately nature should decide what moral codes say.
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    the post above gave a good definition of morals.

    for question 2, my answer is that moral and ethical laws shouldn't exist: they are completely relative. But we, humans, are too stupid to live without laws (in strong-extremist-anarchism), for the moment......
  5. May 15, 2005 #4

    I do agree with ur answers to no1 and 2. But I want to know what u meant when u said, "nature's law." Nature?? wat's that??

    Do u mean to say Science should be God, in religious terms? :rofl: Should we only based on scientific observations? experimentation? not sure what u meant. :smile:

    btw I forgot to tell you one thing. If u depend on scientific observations for laws of morality, u may have to keep changing the laws as Science is 'evolving.'
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